Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Li Family and Chinese Secret Societies

In my investigation of the Triads I discovered that the Li family is one of the principal families which has controlled it. The Triads is a Chinese Secret Society which is something of a cross between the Masons and the Mafia— something in the line of P2 Freemasonry—except much bigger. The Triads are not well known In this country but they are many more times powerful than the Mafia. It is known that the Mafia was invited to work with the Triads in 1970, and at the time the Mafia didn’t like the Triads arrogance. However, in my opinion the Triads were not being arrogant considering how powerful they were at the time. I suggest the reader read the article on the Triads for more understanding on this. For the sake of completeness, I will list some of the Li’s past and present that have been important Triad leaders.
(see below) I am not trying to weary you with all these strange names, but in breaking new ground on understanding this powerful Illuminati family, if specific details are not given out, we risk losing some of the picture.
The Li’s control Hong Kong and the Triads run Hong Kong. Is there a connection between the Li family and the Triads. Yes there is a big one, but It is very secret.
·       Li Chi-tang —overseas leader
·       Li Hslen-chih
·       Li Hsiu-ch’eng --Hunan
·       Li Hung --Honan
·       Li K’ai-ch’en --Triad, Shanghai
·       Li Lap Ting --Kwangsi province
·       Li Ping-ch’ing --Triad, Shanghai
·       Li Shih-chin
·       Li Wen-mao
·       Fatshan
·       Li Yuan-fa --Hunan
·       Li Chol Fat -Hong Kong
·       Li Jarfar Mah --Britain
·       LI --north of Peking,
The Li family has also provided some of the greatest scientists In the field of genetic research. Genetic research has been a avid interest of the Satanic Hierarchy.
The facts I have of what is going on with the Li family are Just enough to provide us with the basic picture. The Li family In Hong Kong is part of the Satanic Hierarchy and works hand in glove with British and American elite. They also help run the Triads. Whether or not the Li’s in Hong Kong are related to the Red Chinese Li’s who run China I do not know, but it is clear that some Li’s run Red China and also Singapore. Both these countries work hand in hand with the Satanic hierarchy so it makes one suspicious as to whether their leaders are part of the hierarchy too. If these Li’s do consider themselves blood relatives—which they might—we know that according to Chinese custom they would do this to a great extent anyway, then that makes the Li family an incredibly powerful family of worldwide importance.

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